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Enjoy better and more effective advertising

Please call for details: 208-577-6894

• logos and corporate ID packages
• display advertisements for publications of all types
• sales tools - printed & digital (presentations, proposals, etc.)
• website content and design
• email campaigns
• brochures
• newsletters
• catalogs
• inserts
• business cards, letterhead 
• cd/dvd-based/pdf-based programs
• trade show displays
• product, personnel and user profile stories
• publicity programs
• corporate gifts, portraiture, and awards
• ad specialties
• signage and billboards
• special events, private seminars, sponsorships
• showrooms, posters, calendars, product samples
• Any element of your ad program that would benefit from outside examination and analysis

• Revitalize or re-focus your advertising program
• Get a qualified second opinion
• Get confirmation that you are on the right track and/or suggestions for enhancement
• Improve communication with your existing ad agency or design firm

Without disrupting your current agency relationship or in-house designers, this intensified consultingservice can give you the tools and ideas that can help to make your ads work more effectively for you.

Welcome to Gegauff Advertising