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Horse Portraits
Thoroughbreds /competition horses Hanaeleh Rescue

Our Precious National Heritage

Horses shown on this page resided at Hanaeleh Horse Rescue in Trabuco Canyon, Orange County, CA. Please check with Hanaeleh if you wish to sponsor or adopt one of their horses. www.hanaeleh.org.

You may make arrangements to purchase a full size giclee print of any of these images (approx. 16 x 20"). 100% of profits go to Hanaeleh as a donation to help support these horses. Please call for details. ( Images are protected against copying.)

Special Sunrise at Hanaeleh Ranch
Apollo at Hanaeleh Ranch
Barron at Hanaeleh Ranch
Buster at Hanaeleh Ranch
D'Artagnon at Hanaeleh Ranch
Gypsy mustang at Hanaeleh Ranch
Nevada at Hanaeleh Ranch
Sapphire at Hanaeleh Ranch
Sassy of Hanaeleh Ranch
Shikoba of Hanaeleh Ranch 2011

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