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Our Precious National Heritage
Jack Ohl before deployment to Iceland
Claire and Jack Ohl prepare to ship out
Claire and Jack Ohl wedding day
Claire and Jack Ohl in summer unifirms
Claire Ohl summer WAV uniform
Claire Ohl in winter WAV uniform
The Greatest Generation

In case you are wondering why some people are called the Greatest Generation, picture yourself in the prime of your youth, and volunteering for duty during the most dangerous war known until then to civilized mankind.

Brave women and men joined up, suited up, and quietly went about helping to save the world from tyranny.

Claire Ohl became an Ensign in the US Naval Reserve as a WAV officer, was assigned to the Portsmith Naval Yard in Kittery, Maine where she was in charge of the Inventory Control Dept. for materials stocked to build the submarines.

Jack Ohl was a sergeant in the Army Air Corp., originally trained at a base near Walla Walla, WA, and then assigned to Iceland to maintain the North Atlantic communications network.

The photos on this page were taken around the time of their wedding and after.

After the war, Claire Ohl became a high school math teacher, and was also a qualified EMT. She had been a volunteer ambulance driver for many years, and was awarded for her work in the community. She was an amazing woman. We love you, Aunt Claire.

Copies of these photos can be found in the Warhawk Air Museum in Nampa, Idaho.