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Scene from a cabin mantelpiece in Big Bear, CA
Bells at the mission in San Juan Capistrano
Dove, a rescue siamese and a super-smart cat at that!
Home-grown tomatoes entered in Green art contest. Watercolor pencil and other media.
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Tinkerbelle, from Siamese Rescue of Southern California
Rubin's Pride is a retired racing thoroughbred
Wild parakeets in Florida, drawn from a photo by Linda Meade
Sigfreto is a retired racing thoroughbred
Anthony Gegauff and his rescue Springer Spaniel Zuzu
Big Brown before his injury retired him from racing
Painted from a photo of a mature buck deer by Anthony Gegauff, in the Colorado Rockies
B'Invincible, retired from thoroughbrd racing
Family portrait taken from a 1917 photo shot at Coney Island
Eagle faced forward
Two diagrams from a technical training manual used in certification classes for a national trade association

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Siamese rescue cat Tinkerbelle enjoying her nap
Hysop flowers in watercolor
Eagle used as promotion for Man of the Year 2010 for a professional association
Geese over the San Juan River in northern New Mexico
Six horses running forward